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brief and concise


This year the AMB 2018 in Stuttgart showed a strong focus on automatization and digitalization. Additive manufacturing and robotics improve efficiency of machine tools. Eco-systems are on the rise. As a summary we state: An industry in transition with evolutionary adaptation instead of disruption.


Distributed Ledger-Technologies like Blockchain promote the genesis of new, decentralized structures. It´s classification into the existing legal framework addresses several insecurities in finance and industrial industries.

CEBIT 2018

In 2018 the world of technique belongs both to artificial intelligence, virtual, augmented reality and blockchain as several experts and exhibitioners claim. Important fields of application are: cooperative robots, automated driving and drones.


The VUCA-World (Volatility, Uncertainity. Complexity, Ambiguity) pushes current and internalized woking principles to their limits. Our response towards VUCA is defined as ASAP - Autonomy, Sense, Agility and Perfection - embedded in a digital and higly connected working environment.

The red carpet

With over 2,000 exhibitors, the Hannover Messe, the leading trade fair for automation & IT, has rolled out the red carpet for the topic of I 4.0. Numerous conversations have confirmed to us that I 4.0 is not an end in itself; rather it must be advanced with a sense of proportion.