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Dr. Timo Wiegmann

Associate Partner

Dr. Timo Wiegmann is a graduate mechanical engineer with over 18 years of professional experience. Between 2014 – 2019 he has been managing director for a German consulting company in Shanghai. He is a global business leader with proven record in various industry-related arenas (specialties: Industrial Engineering & Manufacturing, Automotive, Clean Energy Sector, Power Industry).

With profound business acumen, financial insights, extensive international experiences (Europe, U.S., Asia, China) and flawless project execution in combination with in-depth understandings of the Western and Asian economies in operations management, he leverages industry expertise to identify and capitalize on market trends and opportunities that take companies to new levels of growth and profitability. He supports Inno& since 2019.

You could not direct the wind, but you could trim your sail.

Cora L. V. Hatch, 1859