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The musical STARLIGHT EXPRESS tells the story of a child's wonderful dream in which the world championship of international trains is held. In this dream, the young steam locomotive Rusty wins the tournament against almost overwhelming competition such as the diesel locomotive Greaseball and the electric locomotive Elektra. Driven by the appearance of the STARLIGHT EXPRESS, Rusty realizes what really matters in life and finds faith in himself.

From dream to reality: For decades, Germany was the locomotive of Europe. But the traction has slowed considerably. Terms such as "the sick man in Europe" are already cropping up again. In these times, leadership is needed at all levels: politically, socially and above all in companies. Germany also needs a STARLIGHT EXPRESS in order to find faith in itself and bring the business location back to the top.

In reality, the company that best satisfies the customer's needs wins. Customers expect good quality and only pay for the added value that is visible to them. At the same time, customers have been educated to demand product innovations in ever shorter cycles. In this competition, doubt and self-assurance often clash in the current economic situation. Constantly questioning your own positioning and your own service and product portfolio is absolutely essential.  Those who succeed in this will emerge stronger from the crisis.

At INNO&, we accompany our customers on their "customer journey" through all phases of the product life cycle, including with our Design2Value approach. But what exactly is this? Design2Value means: product cost optimization at the lowest possible cost while keeping the brand promise.

Outstanding and above-average results in product cost reduction cannot be achieved alone. This usually requires a well-synchronized, competent project team and professional tools. Together with our customers, we rely on a cross-functional team from sales, product management, development, production, purchasing, controlling and service and enrich this on the part of INNO& methodically and cost-calculatively with highly qualified expert & (production) technology knowledge.

Important levers in the Design2Value approach are

  • Customer benefits | Transparency Customer added value through functional cost calculation
  • Development processes | reduction of time-2-market
  • Manufacturing processes | complete cost transparency through process cost model
  • Specification optimization | technical refinement or readjustment
  • Module/platform strategies | increasing cost-effectiveness
  • New manufacturing technologies | not what is technically possible, but what makes technical sense
  • Supplier integration and network | Real frontloading & correct purchasing

If you are thinking about securing a new product development through a Design2Value offensive or subjecting products already in series production to a structural product cost repositioning, then, like the STARLIGHT EXPRESS, pick up speed and get in touch with us.

At INNO&, we rely on the triad of innovation, organization and transformation. Our motto is: Shaping future viability and creating new value. Our consulting approach is geared towards the needs of our clients so that they find sustainable added value in our work. Implementation makes the difference.