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Artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry

The octopus is a fascinating creature with millions and millions of neurons, around 2/3 of which are located in its tentacles - a kind of neural network. Its tentacles are the distributed center of its intelligence. It uses them to perceive its environment, gather information and make quick, situational decisions. The octopus also has an amazing ability to adapt to its environment. These are all things that make it a very special creature.

What can companies learn from the octopus in terms of handling their wealth of knowledge and how does AI help to leverage this wealth of knowledge within the company to generate unique competitive advantages?

In general and across all industries, the collection and analysis of industrial data is becoming increasingly easy. It is increasingly taking on the character of an interchangeable "commodity". Nevertheless, generating truly useful knowledge from this data remains a challenge for all industries!

Success factors for data-driven business decisions are

  • The precise formulation of business cases
  • Discipline in data management and data maintenance
  • Understanding the possibilities and limitations of modern data analytics and AI methods

LargeLanguageModels (LLM) such as chatGPT and other methods of generative AI help to gain valuable insights from the "Corporate Body of Knowledge" (CBK), eliminate resource bottlenecks and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your processes. Read here how LLMs, for example, support corporate knowledge management.

Learn with INNOand which processes in your company can (and must!) be transformed by AI - Together with our AI & analytics partner d-fine, we carry out a quick check of your business cases, benchmark your approach against best practice and develop a roadmap for the use of generative AI in your company.

We are happy to be your trusted partner and work with you to develop a customized solution tailored to your current situation. At INNOand, we rely on the triad of INNOVATION, ORGANIZATION, TRANSFORMATION. The implementation makes the difference.