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Planning & implementing disruption, evolution and growth

We define innovation as the commercially successful implementation of an idea in the market. Key factors include: innovative capability, innovation opportunities, and the pressure to innovate.

The degree of these factors differs for every company. They regularly challenge every company to reinvent itself and its products and to rediscover customer requirements.

The right ideas are therefore the key to success: sometimes disruptive, sometimes evolutionary.

Seen in this way, innovation is not merely limited to product innovation or new business models; rather it also explicitly includes the development of new working methods, new processes, and new technologies.

At the start of every idea is the human with his needs and capabilities, in conjunction with his environment. Ultimately, the success of a company depends on the creativity and innovative strength of its employees, i.e. preconceiving, evaluating and then systematically implementing ideas.

Our four core building blocks in the innovation environment:



  • Product innovation
  • Product value creation
  • New technologies
  • Standardisation
  • Benchmarking/optimization of specifications

Smart product creation

  • Development strategy
  • Innovation and development process
  • Multi-project management
  • Qualifications

Agile working method

  • Leadership models
  • Steering models
  • Collaboration models
  • Visualisation techniques

New business models

  • Blockchain
  • Industry 4.0
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Additive manufacturing