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Effectiveness, connectivity and digitalization – develop & benefit

Whether Industry 4.0, connectivity or digitalization: at the core is the idea of using disruptive technologies and new methods to achieve higher productivity and efficiency. If a company wants to keep pace, it must intensively engage with these topics. Consequently, the question then arises as to where to begin and what is economically viable. In our view, the right mixture of conventional approaches such as LEAN, factory structures and networks alongside new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data analytics,  AR/VR, etc. is a recipe for success.

Every change offers an opportunity. However, in many cases, employees perceive changes as something alien and, therefore, often oppose them. For this reason, it is important to explain the reasons why, to actively involve your employees in the change process and to have the necessary confidence in them to help shape the new. Of course, your management is particularly called upon here.

Together with your leadership team and employees, we will develop an individual, pragmatic path for you and accompany you during the successful transformation.

Our four core building blocks in the transformation environment:


LEAN² = lean x LEAN

  • Leadership and learning organisation
  • EBIT improvements
  • Agility in direct and indirect areas
  • New technologies

Process transformation 

  • Digitalization and connectivity
  • Integrated supply chains and networks
  • Agile productions systems
  • Smart collaborative maintenance

Plant structure & production network

  • Core competence | technology
  • Investments and agile structures
  • Value stream design and effectivity
  • Plug & play suppliers into production network

Leadership and change management

  • Leadership models
  • Coaching
  • Change management
  • Incentives