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brief and concise

CO2 neutrality

Product innovation, unique selling propositions, keeping the brand promise at lowest possible cost while optimising the carbon footprint. Execution makes the difference.

Make the Turn!

RESTRUCTURING, TURNAROUND, GROWTH – INNO& as a driver for socially preservation of value and holistic increase of value.

INNOvative Production Networks

Cost pressure, difficult market access, shorter product cycles, more variants, a tougher competitive environment and at the same time the aspiration to expand or at least maintain one's own market share with existing and innovative products. All this pushes the existing production and procurement networks to their limits. Innovative solutions are required that keep your production and supply network at minimal cost.

Design2value | INNOvation

Innovate to create customer experience and keep your brand promise at minimum cost. Design2Value will support you. Execution makes the difference.


LEAN² = lean x LEAN

We combine the benefits of the Toyota production system with a new reality. Leadership, EBIT, agility and NEW technologies are LEAN. Effectiveness goes before efficiency. The INNOand LEAN² approach helps to sustainably increase the site and factory profitability.