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Design2value | INNOvation

Innovate to create customer experience and keep your brand promise at minimum cost. Design2Value will support you. Execution makes the difference.


LEAN² = lean x LEAN

We combine the benefits of the Toyota production system with a new reality. Leadership, EBIT, agility and NEW technologies are LEAN. Effectiveness goes before efficiency. The INNOand LEAN² approach helps to sustainably increase the site and factory profitability.

Digital Transformation – „Evolution, Revolution“

Many digital technologies are trend-setting. But are they also groundbreaking? The INNOand maturity measurement helps to find the right way.

EU changes the rules of the game

By 2025, cars may only emit 81g of CO2. This can only be achieved with e-mobility. Tier 2 are facing enormous challenges. Agile Product Development (APD) helps to master this.

Cost pressure and digitalization

Many companies are under high cost pressure – China, USA, Brexit -, which prevents essential investments in the future and digitization. Innovative cost-reduction programs within the entire value chain help to gain the necessary flexibility.