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Artificial intelligence and blockchain

Artificial intelligence is a key technology where Industry 4.0 is concerned. The VDI (Association of German Engineers) has conducted a survey of its members to find out to what extent the topic of artificial intelligence has already taken root in the industry. With approx. 50 % of the respondents, companies from plant and mechanical engineering as well as vehicle construction are predominantly represented. AI is essentially seen as a data analysis instrument.

Predictive maintenance, assistance systems, knowledge management and the optimisation of machine running times are mentioned as fields of application.

IT security is seen as an essential basic condition for the successful use of AI. Nonetheless, the use of systems with AI in industrial production is expected to double, primarily in the areas of logistics, operative planning, and R&D.

Beyond industrial production, high potential is also seen in the areas of automated/autonomous driving, assistance robotics, and traffic flow improvement.

The use of AI is expected to bring considerable improvements. Besides the technical challenges, the challenges of data protection and data integrity must also be overcome during implementation. In this regard, technologies like the blockchain can ensure the security and integrity of data, particularly in the exchange of data and digital networking.